Task List For Moving House Follow This 5-Step Procedure (2)

Task List For Moving House: Follow This 5-Step Procedure

Transferring to a new home can be very frustrating if you don’t prepare ahead of time. With that said, it’s highly recommended that days or weeks before you transfer, you should create a task list for moving house. If you don’t know how to start, the simple 5-step procedure discussed below should be able to help you out. Just follow these practical tips and your move will be easy and hassle-free. You can accomplish all these steps a few days prior to your move.

The 5-Step Task List For Moving House

1) Go through every room in your house and determine what you’d like to take and what to leave behind. This may be the hardest part of the procedure because you need to separate the things that you want to keep from the things that you want to discard. It’s advisable that you purchase packing boxes and bags so that you can start packing your things as you sort them out. This will save you a lot of time.

2) Make sure that the moving company you hired knows when you are going to make the move. You have to be very specific with the date and time of your move. It will be very unfortunate if you are ready to go but the hauling company is not. It’s best that you call the company a day before the date to make sure that they’ll be able to make it at your location on time.

3) Organize your things so that the furniture will be transferred first to your new location. Your furniture should be the ones that are delivered first to your new home. Most moving companies know this as standard procedure but you have to inform them anyway in case the haulers are new or inexperienced.

4) Keep everything in labelled boxes and binders. Once your stuff has been delivered to your new location, it will be difficult for you to organize them if they are placed is unmarked boxes and binders. You will be wasting your time opening boxes simply to check out what they contain. With that said, you must label all of the boxes based on their contents.

5) Create a list of all the stuff that you are moving and provide a copy to the hauling company. Some things can go wrong during the transit. Some items might get lost or damaged along the way. This is why it’s necessary for you to create a list of the things you are moving. Allow the moving company to verify this list before the truck gets moving.

Task List For Moving House Follow This 5-Step Procedure (1)

This simple task list for moving house will ensure that your move is easy and quick. Always remember that preparing is the key to a hassle-free move.